Struggling to Lose Weight?

The BecomingBalanced Hormonal Metabolic Correction program is the answer!

This incredible hormone based weight loss program was first introduced in Lancaster, PA by The Rejuvenation Center and is now available nationwide! If you’re looking for a local answer to your weight loss needs, the BeBalanced Center headquarters are right here in Lancaster, PA. Our programs for weight loss in Lancaster, PA and Harrisburg, PA are the answer you’ve been looking for.

With the BecomingBalanced Program you will:

  • Lose an average of ½ to 1 pound per day while (women average 20 lbs/month)
  • Experience little to no hunger or cravings
  • Specifically be burning fat (not muscle) from your worst areas (hips, thighs and belly) for energy.
  • Enjoy deeper sleep, increased energy, improved mood and mental clarity due to the hormonal balance that is achieved!

Root Cause

It is one of the only programs offered for weight loss around the country that addresses the root cause of slow metabolism and weight gain, unlike other weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc., while working to balance hormones and promote weight loss!If you are one of the growing number of American women who have tried traditional weight loss programs, like Weight Watchers Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc., and are finding it very difficult to lose weight, then you are in the right place.

Hormones drastically affect your ability to lose weight after the age of 35, even with strict diet and exercise! We now know it is no longer the simple theory of “calories in = calories out” for weight loss.

Although the fitness and medical communities do not seem to agree with us wholeheartedly, neither community has been able to resolve this issue for many women. If you fall into this category of “frustrated women” you will be especially delighted with the results you get from our hormone diet while working with us!

Unlike other traditional weight loss program (like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc.) the BecomingBalanced program is a corrective protocol that gets to the root cause of a slow metabolism and the tendency towards easy weight gain by:

  • Resetting your hypothalamus (part of your brain that controls hunger and weight) to allow for efficient fat-burning and to reverse the tendency to gain weight easily.
  • Lowering your cortisol output (by repairing adrenal gland in body)
  • Correcting your estrogen to progesterone ratio by balancing hormones (key to weight loss)
  • Detoxifying your liver
  • Easing your digestive stress by eliminating “highly sensitive” foods temporally
  • Rebuilding your friendly gut bacteria to aid in decreasing Candida yeast*

*causes cravings and bloating; there is a simple salvia test given to determine if your have excess.

The 30 day protocol for the weight loss phase of the BecomingBalanced Program to promote hormone balance involves:

  • Eating a low calorie hormone balancing diet of whole foods (exchange list) consisting of meat, vegetables, fruit and starch from the grocery store.
  • Taking our special homeopathic supplement, called Metabolic Correction Blend 3/day to balance hormones and release stored body fat into the blood stream. This allows your stored body fat to be used as your main fuel to live on (like a bear in hibernation) by putting the body in a safe, healthy state called ketosis for 30 day cycles.
  • Minimal or no exercise is required at this stage of losing (to maintain muscle as you age, we later suggest your preferred choice of “resistance” training)
  • Relaxation therapy is suggested for 20-25 minutes per day to aid stress management and hormone balance (CD, aromatherapy and eye pillow come with program)

Once you have reached your goal weight with the BecomingBalanced Program, you will stop the homeopathic Metabolic Correction Blend and easily MAINTAIN your base weight by doing the following:

  • Learning the foods you are “sensitive” to in order to eliminate digestive issues (such as bloating, gas, etc.) and future weight gain.
  • Naturally supplement your “fat-burning/calming” hormone (progesterone) to KEEP your sex hormones balanced
  • Naturally supplement to support your adrenal gland to keep your cortisol demand low
  • Making sure your digestion is optimal and you are free of all Candida yeast (that caused cravings and bloating) with just a weekly probioitc and a daily digestive enzyme.

While on the BecomingBalanced Program your hormones are balanced naturally and most PMS/menopause symptoms are alleviated…so it is easy to stay motivated!

Hormonal balance is KEY to maintaining your weight loss long term and for continued relief from your PMS/menopause symptoms…this allows you to feel your best and make healthy lifestyle decisions! If you live in Lancaster, PA, weight loss is easy with the support of BeBalanced Centers. Even if you’re not looking for weight loss options in Harrisburg or Lancaster, we can still help with our online store!

We want to offer you HOPE when you may feel like no one understands your battle with your weight. We understand and offer a specific plan to help you reach your goals as we have done for literally thousands of women who have struggled with stubborn weight. We hope you will decide to work with us.

For more on the science behind the BecomingBalanced Program please view the video above. We suggest you take 15 minutes to do this.