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Dawn Cutillo

Ask Dawn! Tips & Advice From Our Founder

Welcome back to our semi-regular series featuring questions from you for our founder, Dawn Cutillo. In this edition Dawn is answering questions about gluten, the importance of self-care and sharing tips that might help you identify whether you may be estrogen dominant. Have questions for Dawn? Email them to us at You could be featured in our next edition! “I love!…
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carl sagan quote over a notepad and pencil

Working Out & Becoming Balanced

In finding balance sometimes we have to challenge what we think we understand. Myths can go a long way towards leading us off the path of understanding. One of the things we strive for at every BeBalanced center is helping clients to understand that not all things we have learned stay truths at every juncture in journey. How many times have you heard that the key to healthy, sustainable weight…
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Ask Dawn! Tips & Advice from Our Founder

Thousands of women walk through the doors of BeBalanced centers across the country every year. Many of them hear about our program through friends, from family members, their doctors or even local television personalities. Each of them comes with a unique story that the Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist they meet with is eager to hear. They also come with questions. So many questions. When…
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woman wrapped in christmas lights struggling to get out

How to avoid a not-so-merry-meltdown this holiday season!

Keeping your sanity and some boundaries! Happy Holidays! Who ends up taking most of the brunt of all the holiday shopping, cooking, and present wrapping? We all know it's Mom, or at least the woman of the house. My three cats and I will gladly cuddle up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa while we keep up with the Kardashians. Trust me, there have been so many times when I’ve wanted to skip…
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dr talking to a woman

What should I do? My doctor says my weight gain isn’t from my!…

In my center, I am seeing a trend where women feel they have a thyroid issue even though they have normal thyroid test results. This can leave women thinking, why do I have symptoms like weight gain, hair loss, low energy, and sex drive?  If it isn’t my thyroid, what is it? Let’s take a step back and break down what your thyroid is and what it does. The thyroid is a gland located at the…
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pink cancer ribbon

A Balanced Approach to Breast Cancer

While reflecting on a topic for my October blog, I am reminded that this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This cancer has probably affected people that you love or maybe yourself. Over the past 28 years, I have been working in the hormone balancing and holistic field, working with thousands of women to help them lose weight and reduce their hormone imbalance symptoms. Through my learnings, I…
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The Effect of Midlife Divorce and Relationship Issues on Your Hormones

We now know that any type of mental emotional and physical stress takes a toll on your hormones and can cause imbalances. These imbalances make you less able to deal with stress, exacerbating the situation. Often midlife women have a hard time dealing with many symptoms related to perimenopause and the full menopausal change. Ironically, this can also be a time of heavy stress on relationships…
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a woman holding her head standing over a sink

Anxiety and Your Blood Sugar: Calming Your Internal Stress

When people think about anxiety, they often think about the underlying mental and emotional reason for it, such as stress from a new job, a problem in their relationship, financial issues, or other stressors connected to something in their life. Many people will seek out the help of a psychologist who will counsel them on ways to deal with the psychological component or thought pattern that…
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