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Got questions? Call us. We'd love to talk.

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Hi, I am Karilyn Barnett. I help people understand their body chemistry and use the power of hormone balancing to lose weight and keep it off. On average, our customers lose 15-22 lbs. in 30 days*, have more energy, and feel better than they have in years. Book a one-on-one hormone balancing consultation today and see how we can help you, too.

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Lose that stubborn weight.

If you’d tried every diet and exercise plan but still can’t lose weight, it just might be your hormones that are keeping you from your goals. Our hormone balancing weight loss program jumpstarts your body chemistry so that you can lose weight quickly and safely. 

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Change your hormones.
Change your life

We use the power of hormones and natural hormone balancing to work with your body to correct key hormone imbalances that are holding you back. We provide fat-burning and relaxation tools to help you achieve overall physical wellbeing by targeting the hormones that affect your weight, sleep, mood, and energy.

Be Balanced

Be your best self again.

Our program not only helps you lose weight, it helps you feel like yourself again. Our weight loss professionals provide the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals, now and down the road. Find out how we can help you achieve balance in your life.