Our Success Stories

We are all living within our stories of continual transformation. Some of us have reached our external goals, and some of us are still on the journey – but we are all radiant with the life-changing results of hormone balance! Read these inspiring weight loss success stories and other stories of life improvement through hormone balancing.

Nicole Z. after coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


Nicole Z.

When I received a flyer From BeBalanced in my mailbox, it piqued my interest, so I went online and was impressed by what I read in its testimonials. I was encouraged with the idea that eating real food (not something highly-processed or factory-made) could actually be the solution to my weight and health issues. Now, after 14 weeks and several rounds of the program, I’ve lost a total of 53 pounds with BeBalanced.

And not only that, but since starting the program, I have way more energy. My energy levels remain high, even through long afternoons at work when I used to get sleepy. And when I get home from work, I no longer feel drawn to spend the rest of the evening on the couch. I also sleep so much better now, and sleep is actually restful for me. I don’t feel sluggish or wake up feeling like I didn’t get any sleep.

Nicole Z. before coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


My moods are more even, and I actually look forward to leaving the house instead of hiding inside all day like I used to do. And my family can attest that I’m a much happier person to be around. Where I used to have painful cramping and migraines related to my cycle, those symptoms have reduced enormously or even disappeared. I used to take medication for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, but after seeing progress through my experience with BeBalanced, my doctor agrees I don’t need to be taking my prescriptions any more.

And beyond all of those benefits, gone are the days when clothes shopping seemed like a necessary evil—now I actually enjoy it! Overall, thanks to BeBalanced, I’m a more confident person.



Julie M. after coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


Julie M

The most important thing BeBalanced did for me is wake me up to what I should be eating. I’ve worked with personal trainers at the gym before, and no matter what exercises I tried, nothing worked. I tried different diets, and some of them made me feel horrible. If I didn’t see results, it was easy to give up or try something else. But BeBalanced was a totally different experience. In five to six months, I’ve lost 67 pounds and went from a size 14/16 to a size 6.

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, I know I was lucky the doctors were able to remove everything the first time. Not being overweight and living a healthier lifestyle helps reduce my risk of being diagnosed in the future, and BeBalanced has helped so much with that.

I love the way these results have changed other parts of my life. Before, when shopping with my husband, I wouldn’t even bother to look at the women’s section because I knew those clothes would never fit me. But now, if we’re out and something cute catches my eye, I know I can give it a try!

Julie M. before coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


Beyond how I look, I also feel so much better. I have more energy, I can walk more, and I can go up three flights of stairs without getting out of breath. That never would have happened before.

Before, I got the sense that people didn’t take me seriously because of the way I looked. Now, it feels like they’re listening to me. Before, I would avoid mirrors, but now I don’t have to. I used to hide behind people when they were taking pictures, but I don’t run away from photos anymore.

After Dave & Rebecca's weight loss success


Rebecca and Dave G

I did BeBalanced with my husband, and we both couldn’t believe how quickly the weight came off. He lost about 23 pounds while he was on the program, and I lost about 40 pounds over multiple rounds.

We chose BeBalanced because everyone we know who’s tried it has been successful. From a health standpoint, we’re not spring chickens anymore. My husband’s knees are shot, so he couldn’t exercise all the time just to stay at a healthy weight. I’d done other diets before, like Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers. I also joined the biggest loser program at my gym and exercised like crazy. But it took so long to lose weight that I struggled to motivate myself and stay on track. I would get depressed by the fact that I was failing at my goals.

Before Dave & Rebecca were one of our weight loss success stories.


With BeBalanced, I was losing a pound a day. Seeing such fast results from my hard work was really appealing. I knew it was working in the first few days. I was also sleeping better and had more energy.

Doing the program as a couple was a lot easier. We support each other instead of tempting each other to fall off the wagon, and we have all the right foods in the fridge. Even cooking for the whole family was easier than I expected.

It’s frustrating to feel overweight. When you’re taking care of your family and your business, it can feel like caring for yourself always comes last. But now I just feel better about myself. I have a sense of accomplishment, that I’ve done something well, and that’s empowering me to look for the next thing I can conquer.

Lisa B. after coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


Lisa B

Last fall I hit my highest weight since being pregnant with twins. I was eating junk and putting on weight and I knew it was having a damaging effect on my body because I had both knees replaced. My health had deteriorated to the point where even walking my dog was painful. Now, I have so much more energy. I’m happy to get dressed, happy to run errands. I’ve started working part-time again because I want to. My whole life changed while doing the BeBalanced program

When I researched BeBalanced, I thought, “it’s natural and homeopathic—how bad can it be?” But then I lost 40 pounds in 12 weeks. The first place I noticed a change was in my clothes. All of a sudden, I could literally pull my pants down without touching the zipper. Before, I was constantly trying my best to put myself together to look presentable. I used leggings and big shirts to cover myself. But now, I’m going to a wedding this spring and I can try on any gown I want. It was such a moment of victory when I could throw out my DD bras

Lisa B. before coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


My husband has been totally supportive of me and my health. We had dieted together before, but he was just in awe of my progress. I quickly learned to adapt our busy lifestyles to healthier patterns. With two teenagers, we’re always on the go. I’ve learned how to eat well even while eating out


Everyone says I look better than they’ve ever seen me, and some people don’t even recognize me. My husband and I went to one of our regular restaurants, and a waitress came up to us, totally surprised, thinking my husband was there with another woman! And what that kind of response does to your own mental state is just unbelievable

I can’t wait to go back to my primary care doctor as I keep seeing more progress. Before, my cholesterol was dangerously high, but my doctor has been really impressed with my results in just a few months.

I was perimenopausal when I had kids, so menopause was very difficult for me. I’ve struggled with hot flashes and depression, and some days, I would crawl back in bed midday to recharge and to get away from everything. But I’ve definitely seen improvements in my energy and my mood, and I’m sleeping so much better

I just love that this program is so holistic—as you see improvement in one thing, you see ripple effect benefits in other areas. For people struggling with the same kinds of challenges I had, this is a battle for life. You have to just bite the bullet and go for it. You need to make this decision for yourself and stick with it, and you will have success. It’s so worth it.

Kristi after coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers



I’ve done the BeBalanced program twice. I lost 25 pounds the first time, and was really pleased with my progress. People laugh, but I tell them it was like liposuction in a bottle. It’s amazing how food impacts your body. When you remain mindful of what you’re eating, you realize that sugar and carbs and salt are making you feel horrible. When I’m off those things, I feel 1000% better. At this point in my life, approaching 60, I want to make the most of what I have. I want to live full of health for the next 20-30 years.

The second time I did the program, I lost another 20+ pounds, but this time, menopause had really kicked in, and the hormone correction was a godsend. I had been having mood swings and was waking up at 3:30 am, but felt exhausted by 6:00 pm. My hot flashes meant I could be drenched in sweat in the middle of the day. Now I have so much more energy than I’ve ever had, and I’m sleeping well. That’s so important, because I work nearly full-time. It’s all part of getting your body back into balance

Kristi before coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


I really love that the support system is there. These people cared about me, gave great advice, and knew how to help if I fell off the wagon. They put so much emphasis on educating me, teaching me how to make it practical for everyday life.

When you lose that kind of weight, you have more confidence, healthier self-esteem, and you like yourself. I just feel really good. I love life and being around people, and when you feel this great about yourself, you can focus more on the people around you. I’ve been so privileged to be a part of this tremendous program. I’m truly grateful for BeBalanced.

Jean H. after coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


Jean H

I’m thrilled to be able to say that I’ve not only dropped thirty pounds of stubborn weight, but I also feel so much healthier, more energetic, and all-around terrific! I have to admit, too, that I was a tremendous skeptic in the beginning. I learned to be suspicious of the promises of diet plans because I had tried them all. Over my lifetime, I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to lose weight, but somehow only ended up frustrated, hungry, and even heavier than when I began.

What I love about the program is the way the BeBalanced staff are supportive and available every step of the way. They answered my questions, gave me direction, and cheered me on across the finish line. I appreciate how they patiently and thoroughly explained the science behind the program in a way that made sense to me. That knowledge really encouraged me to give it a try.

Jean H. before coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


Now that I’ve taken off this extra weight, I have the energy I need to keep up with the healthy eating and daily moderate exercise that are part of my new lifestyle. I couldn’t recommend BeBalanced more strongly to women and men who want to shed stubborn weight and feel more youthful again.

Paget R. after coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


Paget R.

I took my 16-year-old daughter on a trip to Italy several years ago, and when I came home, I deleted all my pictures. The person I saw in the photos was not the person I wanted to be. I had gone through an early menopause, adopted a third child, and experienced a lot of stress raising a child with special needs. Now, I look back on that with the understanding that stress takes its toll, whether it’s depression, weight gain, or anxiety. I was having trouble sleeping, experiencing hot flashes, and had this emotional, drowning feeling. I was afraid I couldn’t keep all the balls in the air

Paget R. before coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


I had been thin growing up—a size 4 or 6—but had experienced weight gain over the years to the point where I was a size 16 to 18. When I started the program, my goal was to get to a size 12. But now that I’ve lost 60 pounds, I’m down to a size 6, and I’m wearing smaller clothes than my teenage daughter.

The most important thing that’s changed for me is feeling freedom from expectations. Now I don’t have to feel like I’m not good enough to lose weight, like I can’t eat right or work out hard enough. When I learned what was really impacting my body, it was so freeing, and I could let myself off the hook a bit. I realized I could make it, that I could figure this out, and that I wasn’t the problem.

I also felt empowered by my new knowledge and understanding. Now, I could plan and move

forward. I knew I could get rid of my size 16 clothes because I wouldn’t ever need them again.

Finally, I felt educated. I know what’s good for me and what’s not. I know what fuels my body, and I know that denying myself food is not the key. BeBalanced has taught me what’s really going on in my body, and I don’t have to try to reconcile the mixed messages I hear in the health and food industries.

I was 46 when I first did the BeBalanced program, and I did it because I wanted to feel healthy and feel better about myself. Now, as I approach 50, this is who I want to be. I love the feeling that my daughters are proud of me. My perspective has totally changed and I feel stronger, empowered, and more hopeful.

I’m passionate and involved in organizations that help others and offer them hope. And as I’ve gone through the BeBalanced program and have seen its impact on my sister-in-law, my brother, my mom, and my dad… it’s so clear to me that BeBalanced is offering hope to people who are at the end of their rope. As a franchise-owner, I want to come alongside them and say, “Let’s get you through this thing that’s holding you up so you can get on with your life!” I love encouraging women especially, helping them get in control and helping them see what they can do to get healthy again. I love seeing women do things they wouldn’t have been able to do even ten years earlier. BeBalanced is so much more than weight loss, and it’s so great to be able to walk with other women and men on this journey.

Melanie G. after coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


Melanie G

When I think about what BeBalanced has done for me, I thrilled that it’s given me an extra energy boost and confidence, and I feel sexy again. Those are things I didn’t think I’d ever feel again.

I’m 52, but my weight gain started with the birth of my daughter 26 years ago. I gained 50 pounds and it was so hard to stay away from unhealthy food. There seemed to be Chinese food on every corner. Instead of working out and losing weight the healthy way, I tried an electric shock program and “yo-yo dieting.” I gained weight through two more pregnancies, suffered a back injury at work, went through two painful surgeries, ended a thirty-year marriage, and dealt with family illness and loss. In all that time, as I was stressed and caring for my family, the weight continued to pile up

Melanie G. before coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


Last year, when I got back from a birthday trip to Jamaica, I realized how badly I needed to make a change. I had exhausted every weight loss program out there, and was seriously considering gastric bypass surgery. I was really afraid to go under the knife again, and wanted a healthier, less invasive solution. That same week, I went to a fashion event, prepared to leave and drive directly to the health center to sign up for gastric bypass. But while at the event, I heard about BeBalanced, so I drove to my local BeBalanced office instead.

I’ve gone from a size 20 to a size 10. I was 230 pounds and I’ve lost at least 45 or 50 pounds in less than four months. My goal is to keep losing until I’m around 130, and then I want to gain 10 pounds back in muscle to restore my upper body strength. I worked hard to fit into my daughter’s little black dress for a BeBalanced event, and I looked great. I was just ecstatic to think of myself as a weight loss success story.

I’ve seen big physical changes. I’m able to exercise and walk easily. With so much weight gone, it’s a tremendous relief for my body, and I can move freely. Most of the back pain is gone now, and I’ve stopped all medication. I’m more flexible, and don’t have the same tightness and discomfort when I wake up. Even though I’ve struggled with a sitting intolerance, I can sit longer now.

I have more energy to do more things, and this means I can spend more time with my sons. I’m going back to school to get a master’s degree in art therapy, and now I have the energy I need and I’m physically able to make it to class. I even have enough energy to show my art in an exhibit space downtown. Traveling is easier now and it’s something I want to do more of this year. I want to challenge myself even more in 2016.

Alice after coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers



The most powerful part of the program for me is helping me adjust to life after menopause. I had been having a lot of anxiety that was affecting everyday life—I was afraid of driving, traffic, crossing bridges… so I shut myself off to traveling. I wasn’t sleeping properly—tossing and turning and waking up with night sweats. So when I started the program, I immediately noticed that the meditation and other aspects of the program helped me fight anxiety. The night sweats subsided, and I went from someone who averaged 6 hours of sleep a night to up to 8 good hours a night.

An additional benefit is that I’ve been able to lose weight. I’m retired from 24 years of service as a naval officer, so all my life, I’ve been working out. Since I was younger, I was running and keeping myself to a regimented diet. But when I hit menopause, all the things I used to do to stay in balance stopped working.

Alice before coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


But with BeBalanced, I was 22 pounds lighter in just a month. I feel great! I don’t believe in “get thin quick” schemes, so for me to recommend it to my friends and family shows that it’s the real deal. This program is amazing. It’s created an awareness for me that’s really powerful. I’ve learned to test my sensitivities to see how my body reacts. I feel very much aware and empowered by everything I put in my body. BeBalanced gave me the knowledge to do the right work for my body at this stage.

BeBalanced also taught me how to de-stress. Yoga is everything to me now, and no matter what I’m doing, I will not let the chaos of my schedule interrupt yoga class. I’m a student at this point in life, and with paper after paper, things can get stressful. But my approach to assignments is no longer a heightened sense of anxiety. I’ve learned to relax or put things aside when I’m overwhelmed, and I’ve found that I can check out, rather than stay in the stress, and come back fresher

I love that everything BeBalanced gave me was hormone-free, homeopathic, and all-natural. That meant everything to me. I couldn’t use traditional hormone therapy because I had a history of cancer. I love natural stuff, and I don’t believe in gimmicks or pills that promise to change your life. I honestly felt like the work you put in makes you who you are. Yet trying to balance myself on my own, I could never find a way to restart my metabolism. BeBalanced helped me identify sensitivities, purge my system of the bad stuff, and start over by teaching me what to put in my body. It was an immediate impact.

Jeanne after coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers



When I stepped on the scale on my second day on the BeBalanced program and realized I had dropped four pounds, I thought “That’s never happened in my entire lifetime!” I’ve used every kind of weight loss plan known to mankind, but I can tell you that BeBalanced is different. For me, these were the fastest, easiest results I’ve ever gotten. It was just so easy to do! I really appreciate how simple the program is. Once you start, it’s easy to stay on, and if you have a question or a problem, BeBalanced staff are right there to give you customized advice. They’re relatable and easy to talk to.

I was already very active, but now, I definitely have more energy. I feel healthier and more like who I really am, not someone who’s trying to be someone else

Jeanne before coming to BeBalanced hormone weight loss centers


I lost 31 pounds, and I really couldn’t have done it without BeBalanced. I’ve been through so many attempts to lose weight, but this is the program for me, and I think it’s the program for everybody, really. It was so easy to do that I’m telling all my friends, “This is it! This is what you really need.

Thanks to BeBalanced, I now consider myself a Weight Loss Success Story.