What’s the investment?

We have business opportunities for both single-unit operators and those looking for more of a semi-absentee, multi-unit option.

The BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers franchise opportunity is presented at a low cost of entry, with total initial investment estimated at $145,125 – $194,925. Square footage requirements range from 800 – 1,200 square feet. Low labor costs and minimal inventory requirements.

You must meet the following financial requirements to be considered for award of a BeBalanced franchise:

  • $75,000 in cash/liquid assets
  • Net Worth of $350,000 or higher
  • Good credit!

We have financing options available to you!

Type of ExpenditureLow AmountHigh AmountMethod of PaymentWhen DueTo Whom Payment is to be Made
Initial Franchise Fee (1)$45,000$45,000Lump sumUpon execution of the Franchise AgreementUs
Travel and Living Expenses for InitialTraining (2)$0$2,500As incurredAs incurredAirlines, hotels, restaurants, reimbursements to Vendors
Lease, Utility and Security Deposits (3)$1,000$2,500As agreedWhen you sign your lease or start an account with a utility companyLandlord, utility companies
Insurance Premium, 3 months (4)$400$800As agreedPrior to OpeningInsurance agent or carrier
Business License and Permits (5)$1,500$2,500As incurredAs incurredGovernment agencies
Rent, 3 months (6)$4,600$9,000As agreedAs agreedLandlord
Blueprints, Plans, Permits, Architectural Fees$1,000$5,000As agreedAs agreedArchitect, planner, city, county, or state
Leasehold Improvements (7)$15,000$30,000As agreedAs agreedThird parties
Signage and Graphics (8)$8,000$12,000As incurredAs agreedVendor
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (9)$16,000$20,000As incurredAs agreedVendor
Technology Fee, 3 months(18)$1,050$1,050As incurredAs incurredVendor
Computer Hardware, Software, Supplies and Installation (10)$1,500$2,500As incurredAs incurredVendor
Initial Inventory and Operating Supplies (11)$10,000$15,000As incurredAs agreedUs or Designated Vendor
Website (12)$1,000$2,000As incurredAs agreedVendor
Internet, 3 months$75$75As incurredAs incurredVendor
Initial Advertising and Grand Opening (13)$12,000$12,000As agreedAs agreedThird parties
Local Advertising Expenditure 3 months (14)$10,500$10,500As incurredAs incurredThird parties
Professional Fees (15)$1,000$2,500As incurredAs incurredThird parties
Additional Funds-First 3 Months (16)$10,000$20,000As agreedAs incurredEmployees, utilities, suppliers, etc.
Total Estimated Initial Investment (17)$142,125$194,925


Franchises are available in selected areas.  Nothing in this website is intended nor shall it be construed as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise.  An offer or solicitation can only be made after applicable disclosure documents have been provided to a candidate.  No BeBalanced franchise will be sold to any resident of any State requiring registration until such registration has been approved by that State and an approved disclosure document has been delivered to the prospective franchisee in compliance with applicable law.