Moisturize your intimate parts. Revitalize your intimacy.

Rejuv is an all-natural, patent-pending, estrogen-free lubrication to maintain proper vaginal pH that also contains ingredients to rejuvenate the vaginal walls.

We are excited to help you start your journey to greater sexual satisfaction. We believe women can look and feel their best, at any age, while enjoying a gratifying sex life.

It is okay for us to admit that sex is important to us, as it should be. But hormonal changes that occur with age often impact our sexual experience. Many women who come into are centers are struggling with vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse.

All women at ANY age can benefit from Rejuv!

  • Perimenopausal or menopausal women experiencing vaginal dryness and painful intercourse.
  • Women experiencing vaginal dryness due to the use of the birth control pill or psychotropic drugs.
  • Women who chronically get yeast infections are UTI infections, especially after sex.
  • Women who are breast cancer survivors, BRCA gene carriers or who have a family history of breast cancer in their family who suffer from vaginal dryness but cannot use estrogen products.
  • Women who want a natural, longer-lasting sexual lubricant with a light aphrodisiac scent (no chemical smell).
  • Younger women who have sex more often to heal micro-tears caused by sexual activity.

What’s happening with my body?

Chronic stress and the aging process can wreak havoc on our hormones. Hormone imbalances, or declining hormones, can cause a variety of symptoms that often bring discomfort with sexual activity. The combination of these factors often leads to less sexual satisfaction and the overall decrease in desire for sex (libido). This can be very hard on your relationship, self-esteem and even your zest for life. But there is hope!

You’re not alone.

Rejuv, a natural solution!

Rejuv can help prevent dryness, enhance healing, optimize pH balance, increase sensation and set the mood for an overall enhanced sexual experience and improved vaginal health. Rejuv is healthy enough that it can be used as a weekly moisturizer and rejuvenator of vaginal tissue.

High quality, all-natural ingredient breakdown:

  • Pomegranate oil and elderberry extract help to maintain optimal vaginal pH to prevent yeast infections and excessive urinary tract infections. (1)(2)
  • Benzoin helps in setting the mood with an aphrodisiac scent (soft vanilla-like aroma) and masks any odors.
  • The herb damiana increases circulation to the vaginal tissue to keep this area moist, generating optimal lubrication during sexual activity. (3)
  • Avocado oil and squalene assist in keeping the vaginal lips and clitoris moisturized to prevent dryness and chafing; fatty acids will enhance healing and prevent micro-tears that can occur from intercourse. (4)
  • DHEA helps promote the integrity and thickness of the vaginal walls (all three layers). (5) DHEA may also help the structural support of the vaginal walls to help prevent pelvic floor prolapses resulting in painful intercourse and incontinence. (8)
  • DHEA and progesterone help improve innervation/sensitivity of vaginal walls and protect the nerves in vaginal walls. (6)(7)

For more information about how your hormones could be affecting your sexual health, download our free E-Booklet, BeVivacious by Dr. Debra Laino DHS, Sex Therapist/Educator and Dawn Cutillo, BeBalanced Founder.

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