Natural Hormone Balancing

Our bodies function most efficiently within a delicate balance of sex and stress hormones. In our culture, we live in the midst of many environmental factors which are known to throw this balance off, resulting in all of those unpleasant PMS and menopausal symptoms with which we are too familiar. At BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers, we continue the natural hormone balancing work pioneered by Dr. John Lee, who wrote extensively about the causes and symptoms of a widespread hormone imbalance called “Estrogen Dominance.” To explain this, it helps to have an understanding of the core hormones we address:


This fat-burner and diuretic soothes mood and nurtures sleep as well as calms PMS and menopausal symptoms.


A key hormone in ovulation and libido, it also supports many other functions in your body. When out of balance, it can also trigger weight gain (belly fat), fluid retention (breast tenderness, migraines, high blood pressure, leg swelling), mood swings, anxiety, insomnia, cravings, and thyroid issues. In addition, out-of-balance estrogen levels cause female issues related to heavy periods, fibroids, endometriosis, and even some female cancers.

When these two hormones are in balance, your body works as intended. You sleep well at night, your mood is stable, and your weight is easily managed. We all know that our bodies are under constant, unrelenting stress – but did you know that this actually throws your hormones out of balance? Surely you have heard a lot in the media about the next hormone we address:


This hormone is needed to buffer our bodies from the effects of stress. Cortisol itself is not a “bad” hormone; the problem occurs when we cannot produce enough of this hormone to meet our needs. Our bodies were not meant to live under chronic physical and environmental stress.

Simply stated, when our bodies cannot make enough cortisol to meet the demand, our precious progesterone is stolen and converted into cortisol. This leaves us dominant in estrogen, setting the stage for all of those unpleasant issues with weight, mood, sleep, and female health.

natural hormone balancing creams

Our natural hormone balancing protocols work to naturally restore balance to your hormones by supplementing with natural, plant-based progesterone, while giving your body other necessary building blocks to make its own cortisol, allowing estrogen and testosterone to balance naturally.

Our Natural Hormone Balancing supplementation is in a cream form, which utilizes an efficient trans-dermal delivery method, allowing the ingredients to go directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

Have you ever looked into traditional HRT or bioidentical hormone therapy?

Here’s how we compare!


Traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy

Synthetic hormones are used, mostly horse urine-based estrogens alone or combined with synthetic progestins, making the therapy even more risky.*

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

The hormones used are more natural to the body. All three major hormones are usually given – estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone – which can exacerbate “estrogen dominance” while giving unnecessary testosterone.

Natural Hormone Balancing

Pioneered as an alternative, non-medical approach, to balancing sex and stress hormones while giving the body the building blocks to create some necessary sex hormones naturally.

Only one hormone is given – natural progesterone – the only hormone proven safe for long-term use.

The more risky hormones – estrogen and testosterone – are not given, as these hormones are proven to balance out naturally when progesterone is raised.**

*Traditional HRT has been proven to cause breast cancers in the 2002 Women’s initiative study.
**Based on a quote from “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause” by Dr. John Lee published in 2004.


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