Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the medical community not doing this already?

The solutions we are using with the Becoming Balanced program are natural and, unlike drugs, they cannot be patented to allow pharmaceutical companies to make money. The medical community works with drugs provided by pharmaceutical companies.

Is there any kind of testing needed before clients start the Becoming Balanced Program?

There is no type of pretesting needed with the Becoming Balanced program, because we are simply supporting the body with food, natural supplements and stress management to balance itself. Additionally, because we are non-medical, no needles are allowed in our centers!

Symptoms such as excess weight, mood issues, sleep issues, etc., are documented before anyone starts on the program, to ensure that a hormone imbalance is present. Then afterward, symptoms are documented again, which reveals that the imbalance was corrected.

Supplements used in the Becoming Balanced program are based on basic protocols, to ensure the client uses enough. If excess is used by accident, there is never any danger of overdoses or side effects, because excess will be excreted through urine within 18-24 hours.

What kind of educational background do I need to own and run a BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center?

No medical background is needed to run a BeBalanced center. All training and support is provided by the franchisor’s staff. We have developed standard practices and methodologies that make this potentially challenging subject matter simple to navigate!

How are territories determined?

Your exclusive territory is defined by population and zip code. Even though our clients have demonstrated that they will drive great distances for our unique services, we need to ensure that there is adequate population density in an area before awarding a territory.

What kind of training can I expect?

There are a few independent online steps that we ask that you and your manager complete prior to coming to our one week, on-site, concentrated training at our Corporate Headquarters and Training Center in Lancaster, PA. Once you arrive, you will be guided through the process of what it takes to run a BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center by the various members of our operations support team. Our sessions are broken into modules covering sales and marketing strategies, front and back office operation, HR, product knowledge, appointment processes – and of course, health, nutrition, and hormones!